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Cryptolocker Be On The Look Out For This New Virus Infecting Office Documents



There is a new virus in the computer world spreading like wild!  The Cryptolocker will deny access to all office documents, affecting your entire computer system. The email will begin with a warning about having Complaints From Customers, once the document is open your computer becomes infected.  If you run any type of Anti-Virus software there will be no way to restore your files.  Cryptotolocker is asking for $300.00 to allow access to files.  This is not a viable option. Computers Plus Service recommends staying away from unknown emails especially about customer complaints.  If you are or do get infected DO NOT run antivirus software.  This step will only do more damage. Bring your computer in, or call us to come pick up your unit and we will restore your computer and start repairing your corrupted files.

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