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Beware of emails offering bogus HeartBleed removal tool

Malware peddlers are taking advantage of the fact that the existence of the Heartbleed bug has breached the confines of the cyber security world and has entered the awareness of Internet users around the world, and they are offering them a bogus "HeartBleed Virus Removal Tool."

"The email warns users that while they may have done what they can by changing their passwords on the websites they use, their computer may still be 'infected' with the Heartbleed bug," shared Symantec researchers. "The spam requests that the user run the Heartbleed bug removal tool that is attached to the email in order to 'clean' their computer from the infection."

Unfortunately for those who do as instructed, the downloaded software (heartbleedbugremovaltool.exe) will download a keylogger in the background. In the foreground, a popup message with a progress bar simulates computer scanning, and ultimately declares the computer to be "clean."

The keylogger is also capable of taking screenshots, and sends all the gathered confidential information to a free hosted email provider.

The attackers use a number of methods to fool users into downloading the attachment: they create a sense of urgency, the email is made to look like it is coming from a well-known password management company, the fake progress bar is used to distract from the happenings in the background.

It's also interesting to note that the subject of the email ("Looking for Investment Opportunities from Syria") has nothing to do with its contents.

Original Source: http://www.net-security.org/malware_news.php?id=2779&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HelpNetSecurity+(Help+Net+Security)

The 4 best Android anti-virus apps

Android security is a controversial topic. We’re not talking about “how-to-find-my-stolen-phone” security, this is “holy-crap-my-phone-is-going-to-get-a-virus” security. Most people understand that Android is not any more vulnerable to malware than other internet-connected devices. Still, there are many people who think they need anti-virus on their phone like they have on their PC. Earlier this week we wrote […]

Norton promises 100 percent virus removal for small businesses

Businesses increasingly rely not just on PCs but on smartphones and other devices to access information and carry out transactions.

But this also means that they face ever more complex security threats and for smaller organizations that can be a big problem. To help protect businesses with fewer than 20 employees Symantec is launching Norton Small Business aimed at simplifying security for smaller enterprises.

Built on Symantec’s existing protection technologies it adds extra features to make it easier to use and manage. It also offers a 100 percent guarantee that it will remove all viruses from PCs and Macs or you get your money back.

"According to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, small businesses were targeted in 30 percent of all cyber attacks in 2013. While the risks are real, small business owners with fewer than 20 employees often wear multiple hats and don't have the time or resources to manage IT needs," says Brian Burch, Symantec's vice president, Global Consumer and Small Business Marketing. "Running a small business is hard work, but Symantec wants to make securing it the easy part".

Norton Small Business uses a flexible subscription model to make transferring licenses easier when business needs change. It also offers protection for Android and iOS devices as well as Windows PCs and Macs.

A web-based management portal makes it easy to ensure protection levels are consistent across the business and employees can access Norton support and speak to live agents for troubleshooting.

Pricing starts at $99 to protect five devices for a year and goes up to $399 to protect 20. Additional devices can be added for $20 a year. For more information about the virus removal guarantee visit norton.com/guarantee.

Original Source: http://betanews.com/2014/05/20/norton-promises-100-percent-virus-removal-for-small-businesses/

Sneak Attack! 5 Hidden Ways Viruses Infect Your Computer

Malware could be lurking in your computer — and you might not even know it. Viruses, spyware, ransomware and other malware attacks have become so sophisticated that they could be wreaking havoc on your systems without showing any signs — that is, until it’s too late. Attackers stealthily plant malicious elements that work in the […]

Internet Explorer bug used by hackers to attack U.S. firms

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security advised computer users to consider using alternatives to Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer browser until the company fixes a security flaw that hackers have used to launch attacks. The bug is the first high-profile security flaw to emerge since Microsoft stopped providing security updates for Windows XP earlier this month. […]