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Professional Website Design Increases E-Commerce Sales

The world has entered an age that is fast becoming highly reliant on the internet for just about everything you can think of. These days, custom website services are gradually turning into a way of life.  There are many free template programs which allow businesses to create their own sites however, often template sites will […]

CPS Continues To Be Committed In Securing Up To Date Security For Clients

Computers Plus Service is committed to providing excellent service and up to date security options in order to provide clients with the best user experience possible.

CPS has recently implemented an Apache web server module that provides a web application firewall engine.  This new system is extremely flexible and robust.  It has been referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife of web application firewalls.”  The system provides critical protection against attacks across a variety of web architecture.  The Core Rule Set provides generic rules that provide protection from vulnerabilities often found in web applications.

We offer a variety of services to our clients from website hosting and design to corporate and residential computer and I.T. services.

Catch Up With CPS!

CPS is busy with new projects!  From our commercial and residential IT division to our in house graphic and web designers something exciting is always taking place. Our commercial IT specialists have been busy this summer with a variety of large projects including network and back up system installations for Michigan Transportation and R Concepts […]

Introducing The Newly Designed Arise Church Website and More

February is starting off the way we like it here at Computers Plus Service.  The website design team has just finished up work on the Arise Church website!  There new design is simple, clean and easy to navigate.  Check it out at

The website team is busy working on several projects including new websites for Innovative Research, Matrix Transportation, Wolf Survivor Gear and Anchor Printing.  Several apps programs and software development are in the works for clients such as for Nurse Tabs, Matrix Quality Services, Fox Manufacturing and Parkway Health Solutions.

CPS is also growing in their computer repair and service center.  We have begun repairing and fixing screens in a variety of tablets, iPhones, iPads and iPods. Virus removals have also been on the rise for computers being serviced in shop.  Be on the look out for a variety of viruses that could infect your computer such as; he Trojan virus, Win32worm, Adware-mywebserach, Rogue virus, Internet Security Pro 2013 and Security Shield.

Our IT professionals are in the field everyday helping new and existing clients with their commercial IT situations, networking, cabling and server builds.  They truly provide all encompassing IT services to all clients throughout Livingston County and the surrounding area.

For more information on websites, graphic design, bringing traffic into an existing site or your companies IT solutions contact the team at CPS - We are always here to provide support to our clients!

Custom Software Development: How it can save your company money & the requirements to get it done properly.

The “current trends” in business will forever be tossed in any businesses owners face. From theories such as Six Sigma, to the newest social media craze, it’s hard to decipher what will REALLY benefit your company.  Custom Software Development (CSD) if done properly, is proven to be beneficial for companies big and small.

Though it may meet many of your company needs, Traditional Software doesn’t hone in on the specific demands of the user.  This makes for time wasted because tasks are more complicated than they need to be. In order to function efficiently, your company’s software will need to do exactly what you want it to do. Many companies that switch to Custom Software don’t experience a substantial increase in performance as tasks are organized and dealt with quickly and efficiently, saving time, which in turn saves the business money.

Custom Software Development will save your company money under one circumstance; it needs to be done properly.  The Standish Group ran a report that gets to the core of what makes custom software development projects successful. After surveying 365 IT executive managers, they came up with three major criteria: user involvement, executive support, and clear requirements.

1. User Involvement – Feedback from those who will actually be using the product should obviously inform its design. Software development is more than just coding – it’s about creating a product that’s usable and useful. No one is a better evaluator of those metrics than the end-user.

2. Executive Support – Getting buy-in from management is equally critical. If leadership doesn’t make your project a priority, it simply won’t get the resources it needs to succeed.

3. Clear Statement of Requirements – Without definite goals, it’s impossible to measure (and therefore to achieve) success. Outlining explicit functional requirements and project objectives at the start lays the foundation for a positive outcome.

Proper planning, realistic expectations, and smaller project milestones were found to be the next most important attributes of a successful project. Project management skills like these are absolutely essential when you’re dealing with a resource intensive, long-term project. Once these requirements are met utilizing CSD, you will have a product that meets the precise needs of your company. This is simplified software that has your company running more efficiently, saving time and money.

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