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PC Repair: Is Your Computer Ready for A Trip into The Shop?

Your personal computer contains a great deal of personal and private information.  When it needs to go in for service there can be a great deal of anxiety with leaving it in the hands of a computer repair technician.  Not only will they have access to your password-protected accounts, technicians will be performing complicated procedures […]

What an IT Consultant does for your business

Information technology plays an essential role in the business plan of an organization by improving productivity, creating opportunities, and refining customer-business interactions. Most businesses make use of internal talents in their company to take charge of installation and management of new technology. Since most professionals have basic IT training, this strategy may prove to be […]

What Is a Managed IT Service Provider & Where Do You Find One?

If you’re running a large business and find that it’s growing faster than your “IT department” it may be time to look into consulting a managed IT service provider.  Many large companies consider those few people that come to the rescue when their technology goes down their IT department. This however cannot sustain, nonetheless help […]

Is It Important To Network Your Companies Computers?

Have you ever lost files or data on your computer and could not get them back? Did your computer somehow get malware and you aren’t able to access your data? Did your files become corrupt and couldn’t be retrieved? The best solution would be to have some kind of backup before these problems occur. Data […]

Why opt for professional computer repair instead of DIY

Do-it-yourself has become a popular trend these days. YouTube has made it easy for you to find videos on pretty much anything and learn how to do it on your own. Isn’t that great? There is no need for you to hire a professional anymore! Imagine the money you save and the sense of achievement […]

Catch Up With CPS!

CPS is busy with new projects!  From our commercial and residential IT division to our in house graphic and web designers something exciting is always taking place. Our commercial IT specialists have been busy this summer with a variety of large projects including network and back up system installations for Michigan Transportation and R Concepts […]

Introducing The Newly Designed Arise Church Website and More

February is starting off the way we like it here at Computers Plus Service.  The website design team has just finished up work on the Arise Church website!  There new design is simple, clean and easy to navigate.  Check it out at

The website team is busy working on several projects including new websites for Innovative Research, Matrix Transportation, Wolf Survivor Gear and Anchor Printing.  Several apps programs and software development are in the works for clients such as for Nurse Tabs, Matrix Quality Services, Fox Manufacturing and Parkway Health Solutions.

CPS is also growing in their computer repair and service center.  We have begun repairing and fixing screens in a variety of tablets, iPhones, iPads and iPods. Virus removals have also been on the rise for computers being serviced in shop.  Be on the look out for a variety of viruses that could infect your computer such as; he Trojan virus, Win32worm, Adware-mywebserach, Rogue virus, Internet Security Pro 2013 and Security Shield.

Our IT professionals are in the field everyday helping new and existing clients with their commercial IT situations, networking, cabling and server builds.  They truly provide all encompassing IT services to all clients throughout Livingston County and the surrounding area.

For more information on websites, graphic design, bringing traffic into an existing site or your companies IT solutions contact the team at CPS - We are always here to provide support to our clients!

The CPS Crew is Busy In March

Can you believe that it is one day away from March?  It seems like we were just celebrating the New Year and here we are beginning the Month of March busier than ever...

The Web Development Team is hard at work on several projects which include:

Wingit's Website Redesign

Sundance Data Base Design

Pound Pool Plastering Website

Longton Law Website Redesign

MC Tree Website

Matrix App

Knife Country Database and Web redesign

Our Commercial Networking Team is finishing up the Wiring and Computer set up for the Pinckney Library and starting on wiring for the new building for Anchor Printing. While continuing to successfully navigate everyday networking emergencies throughout Livingston, Oakland and Washtenaw Counties for residential and commercial clients.

CPS is continuing to expand in 2013 as we look for another web design/data base designer to join our growing team.  Our ideal candidate would have experience in HTML, PHP, MySql, Javascript and Photoshop. Duties would include designing websites and databases for multiple clients, managing web servers and email, and eventually developing iPhone and Android applications. Company is willing to train some aspects of position; however candidate must have a firm understanding of HTML, PHP and databases.   If you are interested in submitting a resume or know of a recent college graduate you can have them submit a current resume and cover letter to

As we continue to grow our focus will continue bringing the highest quality products and services to both commercial and residential clients. If you are interested in Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Networking, Cabling and Wiring or Computer Repair feel free to give the office a phone call today and talk to one of our experts - (810) 224-5252

More Information on the Mac Flashback Virus.

Most Mac users think they are safe from the more malicious viruses out there.  However, as the Mac's popularity grows, it becomes more and more of a target.  As we posted Friday, over 600, 000 Macs are now infected by it.

So here's some quick facts about the virus to keep yourself informed including how to determine if you have it.

We've already received numerous Mac's into the office for virus removal dealing with the Flashback. If you think you may be infected or know you are, bring your Mac by for a quick evaluation.  It's only $29.95 and we can see what's going on. If you are infected we can clean it up for $69.95 with the $29.95 going towards the removal.