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PC Repair: Is Your Computer Ready for A Trip into The Shop?

Your personal computer contains a great deal of personal and private information.  When it needs to go in for service there can be a great deal of anxiety with leaving it in the hands of a computer repair technician.  Not only will they have access to your password-protected accounts, technicians will be performing complicated procedures […]

Benefits of Hiring IT Consulting Services

An IT consultant can help transform your business. Consultants are experts that provide guidance to others when an outside perspective is desired.  An outsider often can get a better view of what a company needs as they are not blinded by “the way things have always worked before”.   A fresh perspective is often needed to […]

What an IT Consultant does for your business

Information technology plays an essential role in the business plan of an organization by improving productivity, creating opportunities, and refining customer-business interactions. Most businesses make use of internal talents in their company to take charge of installation and management of new technology. Since most professionals have basic IT training, this strategy may prove to be […]

What Is a Managed IT Service Provider & Where Do You Find One?

If you’re running a large business and find that it’s growing faster than your “IT department” it may be time to look into consulting a managed IT service provider.  Many large companies consider those few people that come to the rescue when their technology goes down their IT department. This however cannot sustain, nonetheless help […]

Is It Important To Network Your Companies Computers?

Have you ever lost files or data on your computer and could not get them back? Did your computer somehow get malware and you aren’t able to access your data? Did your files become corrupt and couldn’t be retrieved? The best solution would be to have some kind of backup before these problems occur. Data […]

Catch Up With CPS!

CPS is busy with new projects!  From our commercial and residential IT division to our in house graphic and web designers something exciting is always taking place. Our commercial IT specialists have been busy this summer with a variety of large projects including network and back up system installations for Michigan Transportation and R Concepts […]

Custom Software Development: How it can save your company money & the requirements to get it done properly.

The “current trends” in business will forever be tossed in any businesses owners face. From theories such as Six Sigma, to the newest social media craze, it’s hard to decipher what will REALLY benefit your company.  Custom Software Development (CSD) if done properly, is proven to be beneficial for companies big and small.

Though it may meet many of your company needs, Traditional Software doesn’t hone in on the specific demands of the user.  This makes for time wasted because tasks are more complicated than they need to be. In order to function efficiently, your company’s software will need to do exactly what you want it to do. Many companies that switch to Custom Software don’t experience a substantial increase in performance as tasks are organized and dealt with quickly and efficiently, saving time, which in turn saves the business money.

Custom Software Development will save your company money under one circumstance; it needs to be done properly.  The Standish Group ran a report that gets to the core of what makes custom software development projects successful. After surveying 365 IT executive managers, they came up with three major criteria: user involvement, executive support, and clear requirements.

1. User Involvement – Feedback from those who will actually be using the product should obviously inform its design. Software development is more than just coding – it’s about creating a product that’s usable and useful. No one is a better evaluator of those metrics than the end-user.

2. Executive Support – Getting buy-in from management is equally critical. If leadership doesn’t make your project a priority, it simply won’t get the resources it needs to succeed.

3. Clear Statement of Requirements – Without definite goals, it’s impossible to measure (and therefore to achieve) success. Outlining explicit functional requirements and project objectives at the start lays the foundation for a positive outcome.

Proper planning, realistic expectations, and smaller project milestones were found to be the next most important attributes of a successful project. Project management skills like these are absolutely essential when you’re dealing with a resource intensive, long-term project. Once these requirements are met utilizing CSD, you will have a product that meets the precise needs of your company. This is simplified software that has your company running more efficiently, saving time and money.

|    References : Cort Buchholz, Sinlgemind, 2013    |

CPS Wins Pinckney Library Bid.

CPS has won the IT contract for the new Pinckney Library building. Demolition has started on the old Village Education Center. CPS will be managing all of the low voltage wiring and network and sever installation including ongoing IT support for the library. The building is designed by Ron Cieslak, Architect at Merritt Cieslak Design and Frank Rewold & Son, Inc will be managing the construction.  We look forward to being a part of this build.  Construction is expected to last the rest of the year.

Removing Bad Press

No matter how good your company is, some people will always write something negative about your site, even if you tried your best to help them.

Some customers might write negative comments about your company in their blogs or some of your competitors might like to damage your reputation by creating fake comments about your site.

What can you do if web pages with negative comments appear on Google's first result page for your company name?

1. Fix the problem
If people write negative reviews about your company, the first thing that you should do is to fix the problem that caused the negative review.

2. It doesn't hurt to ask
Send the webmaster of the web page with the negative review a polite email and ask for removal of the negative comments. Many webmasters will cooperate if you explain the issue.

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